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Basically #assassinscreed black flag is my favorite of the whole series, mainly because pirates are cool and the tavern music you can find and hear while playing the game makes it that much more authentic! Arghhhhhh! #assassinscreed #blackflag #playstation #sony #ubisoft

Back here again 😑 #work #lax #nofun #iwanttobeatwondercon #wondercon  (at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX))
I have my very own minion! To bad hes not real, could really use his help to do my chores or do my homework! #despicableme #minion

The Cub // a short film from Riley Stearns on Vimeo.

*Wolves make the best parents*

Part of VICE’s series ‘I’m Short, Not Stupid”… &

Official Selection:

Sundance NEXT Weekend
Aspen Shortsfest
Kickstarter Film Fest
Nashville Film Festival
Florida Film Festival
Maryland Film Festival (Opening Night)
Philadelphia Film Festival
Crossroads Film Festival
Provincetown International Film Festival
San Jose Film Festival
deadCenter Film Fest
Milwaukee Film Festival
Hill Country Film Fest
Stanley Film Festival
Chicago Critics Film Festival
Carolina Film and Video Festival

Asheville Cinema Festival
Shorts That Are Not Pants

written/directed/edited by Riley STEARNS
produced by Jamie Kaye WHEELER
executive producers Riley STEARNS & Mary Elizabeth WINSTEAD
cinematographer Michael RAGEN

Savannah LATHEM

COST OF LIVING from BenDavid Grabinski on Vimeo.

Written and Directed by BenDavid Grabinski
Cast: Brandon Routh, Bret Harrison, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Please play it loud. Preferably on headphones. Gracias.

Casque from Riley Stearns on Vimeo.

It is time to headphone.


Haha oh white people, you guys are the best! #taacos #familyguy #badatcookingethnicfoods

(Source: radiofort, via buttcardigans)

I just walked into my room and this is what I fined, its like a scene out of a Stephen King movie…pictures of me when I was a kid, I guess my mom does have a sense of humor after all #meself #thehorror #maniwasascarykid

Deleted scene from The Wolf of Wall Street, enjoy! #thewolfofwallstreet #leonardodicaprio

This crazy dude just snuck up on me! I don’t even know who he is #Disney #work #creeper

Arya is becoming a badass! I’m so proud! #gameofthrones #arya #starkswillhavetheirvengence

It’s good to see Kahleesi again! #gameofthrones #kahleesi #emiliaclarke

I got tingles! #24 #JackIsBack

The return of Sancocho!!! Made by my dad #sancocho #colombianfood #madebyanaregentinian